Saturday, November 21, 2009


I've been fasting and praying today because of a blog post over at A Place Called Simplicity. I've never really fasted before...although I've skipped a meal.

It seems that the Canadian government has decided to stop all Visas allowing children from Africa who are waiting to be adopted by Canadian families.

As I've been pondering and praying about this I find myself wondering why it has become so difficult for families to provide a home for children who need it. Why are they made to jump through so many hoops? Why is it so expensive that it keeps many families from being able to adopt?

I've begun to get that head-achey feeling and hollow stomach that you get when you miss a meal. But, I know that I have the option to have dinner later. I know this isn't my day to day reality. It is for so many children in this day and age.

Each of us has the obligation to do something about this...even if you don't believe in the Bible that says we are to take care of the widows and is just the right thing to do. What are YOU going to do to help someone today?


  1. Stacy, I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving!! Many blessings to you.

  2. Hi Stacy, Thank you so much for stopping over at my blog; I see you also follow Linny's. I'm glad to read that you are a preschool teacher because that is what I was before I I just work with my grandkids.
    I'm going to follow you-can't wait to get to know you.
    Blessings, Noreen