Sunday, August 2, 2009

30 Day Husband Encouragement Challenge Day 2

Today we are to give our husbands praise for their willingness to serve others. My dh is very good about doing what needs to be done for his mom and older brother who lives with her due to some handicaps. He's been doing it for years and doesn't get enough kudos for what he does from other family members who sit back and do nothing. Anyone have some of those? In retrospect, I've come to realize I've been stingy with my own praise and with the "thank you's" that should happen on a daily basis.
It's time for a change.....

"..through love serve one another." Gal. 5:13b

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  1. thank you so much for visiting my blog and commenting today! It always means so much to me when I get to meet a new friend!

    What a great idea to lift up and esteem your husband... I bet most men would love it if their wives did this on a regular basis!