Friday, August 14, 2009

Food Preparedness Challenge

I started the food preparedness challenge 12 days ago that is going on over at Preparedness Pro.
This is day 12 for us in the challenge. Here is what I’ve learned:
1. I have a lot more food than I thought (about 6 months in most areas).
2. A large amount of the food is stuff that is to be used in making things from scratch.
3. That sounds good…unless you are the main cook and hurt your finger to the point of infection and can’t make a lot from scratch because it is downright painful.
4. We didn’t have enough comfort/snack items.
5. As soon as we get moved in I’m going to get a garden started back up because we ran out of fresh veggies very quickly when not able to go to the farmers market.
6. I don’t have enough cat food.

I’m posting this early because we are having a moving sale tomorrow and an unexpected family visit on Sunday. This has been a good experience.

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