Thursday, February 4, 2010

Bible in 90 Days~Leadership

Has anyone noticed that a huge issue in the Bible is a lack of leadership?

How many times were things going well for God's people when there was someone in charge who kept reminding them to follow God's Laws.  But, as soon as that leader passed on another one would take his place....and the majority of them 'did evil in the eyes of the Lord.

It's Day 35 in the Read the Bible in 90 Days Challenge and we are reading in Nehemiah.  Nehmiah turns things around and gets the people to rebuild the walls of Jerusalem and begin again to follow God's Laws.

But, what happens as soon as heads goes back to the kings castle?  One of the priests does something he's not supposed to do...from there it's downhill all over again....

The same thing is happening today.  The breakdown begins with the people who are in charge...they want to do whatever they can to keep everyone happy (lobbyists?).  If they have no set rules for themselves (how many of our leaders are faithful followers of the Bible?)  They end up going wherever the wind blows them (or the money directs them...).  This is when a country or city or even a family begins to fall apart.

Strong leaders are needed now more than ever to inspire and to guide....

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