Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Day 3 Challenges

Clean Heart Challenge: I'm finding that if I stay away from the stores I don't feel the need to buy anything...

SHMILY Time Challenge: Today was praying about his purpose. I think knowing why God put you here on this earth is essential to our daily living. Working at something you don't like doing everyday can wear you down. I'm praying that my dh finds this out for himself.

Independence Day Challenge: Today was a very long, busy day. All I can say I did today was to reduce waste: I picked up a bunch of newspaper that will be used for mulch and dinner was made up of leftovers to help clear out the fridge.

Oh wait... I forgot...I got some muskmelon and tomato transplants from a fellow Freecycler (and they're heirlooms). They'll go in the ground next week.

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