Sunday, July 19, 2009

Clean Heart Challenge

I decided to take part in this challenge because I truly believe that you have to be “clean” on the inside before being able to be “clean” on the outside. I’ll be talking to God this week about cleansing my heart of the anger and discontentment that is so difficult to get rid of. Here is the prayer for this week.

Dear Heavenly Father,
I’m so sorry for the things in my heart that have hindered me from doing what you have called me to do. (Take a moment to list the heart issues you need to bring up to the Lord). I have procrastinated and ignored my duties, things have piled up, and I’m suffering, along with my family, because of it. Lord, please forgive and my attitude toward keeping my home. I’ve looked at it as a burden, instead of a blessing and a way of showing Christ-like love towards my family. Please help me as I pursue cleanliness in my home, to find peace in my heart. I pray that as I seek You throughout this journey, that you would reveal to me any issues in my heart that may still need to be addressed. Please guide me Lord and help me to get my home in order, but most importantly, let my heart be one that speaks of selflessness, happiness, and contentment in my words, as well as my actions. Create in me a clean heart Lord, and bless me as I pursue a clean home as well.
In Jesus’ name,

Prayer is taken from a page in the Clean Heart devotional.

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