Sunday, October 4, 2009

Cooler Weather Cooking

It's been very cool in the early mornings here lately. Cool enough to need to keep windows closed. It put me in the mood to cook (and warm up the house). I baked some turkey breasts and wings I found on sale the other day. Some of the wings will go to my mom and the meat from the breasts will be sliced and chopped up for meals during the week.

I also made a big pot of rice (the pot behind the turkey) that will be used throughout the week.

I made a big batch of pancakes for breakfast...thinking that there would be a lot of extras to freeze...ummm, not in this house...

Everyone must have gotten the memo that it is colder...and the cold makes you hungrier...because out of a batch of 35 pancakes this was all that was left...

1 comment:

  1. I love the switch to fall weather food! The local place had pork roast, beef roast and whole chickens on sale recently - my poor freezer is stuffed with possibilities! Love to make all sorts of homemade soups this time of year, and homemade bread as well.