Sunday, October 11, 2009

Talk softly

and carry a big stick.... just kidding. I always liked that phrase but only the title has something to do with what I'm taking about.

I have a little boy in my classroom who talks in a loud voice ALL THE TIME. He only started a few weeks back and comes from a very challenging homelife. The first thing we do when we have a child like that is see if there might be a hearing problem. That's not the case with this child. I'm pretty sure it's environmental because I've known the stepmom since she was a child and I know her mom...she is loud as well.

When he comes rolling in the door on Monday mornings the noise level doubles as the other children have gotten into the habit of talking loud so they can be heard over him. We know that he can talk in a softer voice...we always get close and down to his level...speak in a softer than normal voice...and he drops his voice lower as well. By the end of the week he isn't shouting at us as much. But, of course, the weekend rolls around and we have to start all over again. Sigh.

Our little one (age 2) also speaks in a loud voice (and she is a non-stop talker). I'm pretty sure it comes from being in a household of big people and just wanting to make sure she gets heard. We are having to work on her toning it down as well. I've also noticed that if the tv or radio is on we all get louder to be heard over's a little harder to get a room full of adults to tone it down than it is a classroom full of children....

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  1. Just catching up with the company girls a bit later than usual this week. Got my link in on Friday but it was a busy weekend so just getting around now. Hope you are having a quite day with not too many loud voices. It's amazing how quickly children learn from adults without us even knowing it! Have a great week.