Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Simplifying Christmas Day 7~Simple Gift Ideas

We bought plenty of toys for first ds (now age 26). By the time dd rolled around three years later we were buying less because we were getting tired of paying money for toys that were discarded after a short time. We started buying mostly Legos because they last forever and can be added to. We always bought books too. As the children grew older they might get one big gift and several token type gifts.
This year money is extremely tight because of my husbands job loss. Ds15 is getting a keyboard because we gave up our piano for our move...he'll get some pajamas and a a new pillow because practical is the keyword this year. Dd2 will get a new baby doll and some smaller toys I managed to find over the past few months...didn't spend more than $15 total. The older kids (who are out on their own and have jobs) will get a hug and a kiss (just kidding)...but, they will only get token stuff in their stockings.
I'm hoping they won't feel deprived...they shouldn't because we all really have everything we need. I learned that lesson when we had to pack up 15 years of stuff for our move...we have way more than we need. Plus, the real reason for Christmas is not about how much stuff you get.....

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  1. Amen! I love your philosphy about the meaning of Christmas. I did a big purge on my girls room. I really need to be more "mindful" of what we bring into our home.