Saturday, January 30, 2010

Eat From The Pantry Challenge~Last Days

The Eat From the Pantry Challenge is now officially over, but, we could keep eating from the pantry if we needed to.  I'm feeling pretty good about that.  I did go over my $75 budget.  I knew that was kind of low...guess I was being a little overly ambitious.  I ended up spending $125.  That $125 included 2 days of eating pizza out...once because it was just an incredibly long and exhausting day and once because my knee was acting up so much that cooking was just not going to happen.  It also was because of an unexpected visit from family that required extra drinks and fresh veggies.  That is one of the best things about having a pantry...I was able to whip up spaghetti, biscuits, salad and a cake with 15 minutes notice that they were coming. 

My most important goal was to clear out my freezer and use up older items in my pantry.  I definitely succeeded there.  The last of the frozen meat I wanted to use up is in the oven cooking.  I also used up some flour and grains that were getting older.

Another goal was to get things more organized.  Still not completely there yet, but I have a much better idea of what I have to get to my goal of a year supply of what wee need.

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